Advancements in today’s world are changing at lightning speed. At Vaughn  College, we keep our finger on the pulse of today’s most exciting and relevant careers in the fields of engineering and technology, management and aviation. Are you looking to secure your future in a booming industry? Put your passion into action and explore the many possibilities Vaughn has to offer. Your future is waiting.

Explore innovative fields such as mechatronic engineering―a field that uniquely combines the elements of mechanical, electric and computer engineering to design “smart” technology. Or, put your organizational genius to work by earning a master’s degree in airport management. Vaughn is one of the few colleges to offer both.

Vaughn’s $1 million flight simulator center includes a Frasca 241, three Redbirds and one CRJ-700 Canadair regional jet trainer. These simulators allow students to practice takeoffs, landings and other flight maneuvers.

Best of all, Vaughn prepares you every step of the way to help you earn the appropriate licenses and certificates before graduation so you can begin your career sooner than later. It’s all part of our curriculum as well as our commitment to your futureproof career.

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