President’s Message

Sharon B. DeVivo, President, Vaughn College

Dr. Sharon B. DeVivo

President, Vaughn College

Vaughn College is committed to providing our nearly 1,200 students with an unparalleled educational experience and futureproof career possibilities.

Why should you consider Vaughn for your higher education aspirations? Vaughn’s outcomes and the value we deliver are an important place to start. Check out the evidence of a Vaughn education and the return on investment here.

We are ranked #1 in the nation in upward mobility in a study published in The New York Times and are the best at moving students from the lower income brackets to the top. This is evidence that a Vaughn degree is transformational, and our outcomes are further proof. Ninety-eight percent of our graduates―78 percent in their field of study―are employed or continue their education within one year of graduation.* An early and continuous focus on career services throughout your time with us, coupled with strong academic programs closely linked with the industries we serve, will provide you with the same success.

As companies recruit engineers, pilots, air traffic controllers, maintenance technicians, operations managers, and many other positions in unprecedented numbers, we can help prepare you to make the most of your future. That’s more than a promise, it’s a guarantee. Vaughn graduates are in high demand and have incredible career trajectories.

We continue to enhance our learning environment, degree programs and resources to add value to a Vaughn education including the addition of bachelor’s degrees in computer science and computer engineering and new courses, micro-credentials and certificates in  areas such as supply chain management,  programmable logic controller (plc) and robotic automation. Vaughn infuses support from industries where graduates are employed to maintain our innovative educational offerings.

We understand that affordability is a top priority for students and families. More than 80% of our students receive some form of financial assistance. We work with each and every student and their family to afford the academic journey that we know provides a much higher earning potential―$1.5 million more in their lifetime― than for those without a college degree. To assist students and families with easily comparing financial-aid packages, Vaughn joined with 360 colleges across the nation as part of the College Cost Transparency Initiative. See our financial aid page for more information .

Vaughn College provides its students with the resources they need to succeed here―and throughout their professional lives. I encourage you to join our community. To read more about how we focus on your financial well-being, click here.

To see more about our vision for the future, you can access Vaughn’s strategic agenda here.

*Outcomes include data within one year of graduation for graduates who reported via survey. There were a total of 364 graduates in 2022. 222 reported an outcome for an 61% response rate. The 2022 graduating class includes September 2021, December 2021 and May 2022 graduates.

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