Simulator Complex


Our new $1-million flight simulator lab features a fleet of training devices. Climb in and take off with our professional, experienced flight faculty by your side. Then watch your career take off in the exciting and rewarding field of aviation.

Climb into:

  • Vaughn’s two Redbirds, the industry’s newest motion simulators. The Redbird’s FMX motion platform manipulates your sense of balance, simulating actual roll, pitch and yaw motions. From varying weather conditions to equipment failures, these new simulators not only provide a wide range of training scenarios, they’re also approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, so you can log the simulator hours you need to earn your license.
  • The FRASCA 241 simulates a Cessna 172–the general aviation standard in aircraft. This simulator features a fully enclosed flight deck with 220-degree wraparound visuals. All flight deck controls, panels, knobs and switches and other components are of the size, placement and functionality of a real aircraft. Vaughn also maintains a Frasca 142 in this complex that can be configured as a single or twin engine.
  • Our CRJ-200 simulator, which simulates the Canadair two-engine fan jet and is a great transition from the stationery FRASCA and full-motion Redbird reciprocating engines to jet engines.
  • Vaughn College has selected UFA, Inc., a leading provider of air traffic control (ATC) simulation and voice technologies, to provide the ATTower® and ATCoach® products for its new, state-of-the-art radar and tower training facility. With a five-channel, high definition, LCD based ATTower training simulator, Vaughn students will experience a “real world” airport environment with aircraft, ground vehicles, wildlife, and simulated weather conditions. For en route and approach radar training, Vaughn implemented a 5-position ATCoach radar simulator. ATCoach provides a comprehensive and high fidelity simulation for both en route and approach air space.