Air Traffic Control Program

30 Credits
  • The ATC program is a partnership between the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Vaughn College
  • The hands-on curriculum approach helps students qualify for careers in air traffic control
Teacher with student learning in simulator

The Future of Air Traffic Controllers

Getting your air traffic control training at Vaughn College will expose you to the industry’s most current and modern technology and research. Our air traffic control program was designed to prepare students for certification, among other air traffic control requirements. The hands-on approach we have taken in our curriculum has allowed many students to become successful air traffic controllers.

Our partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) helps students qualify for air traffic controller jobs more quickly, thanks to the educational background and experience offered to help them get certified.


US News & World Report Vaughn College best college for social mobility 2024 TOP REGIONAL COLLEGE
US News & World Report Vaughn College best college for social mobility 2024 TOP COLLEGE FOR

Vaughn provides students with invaluable experiences that help prepare them for lifelong careers.


Our air traffic control program is flexible for both traditional and non-traditional students. Many of the ten required air traffic control courses are offered online to meet the diverse needs of the programs’ students. Students will need to complete some of the 30-credit programs in class. The air traffic control courses at Vaughn are offered during the days and evenings. Our goal is to allow everyone―new students entering air traffic control for the first time and industry professionals eager to expand their knowledge―the opportunity to take courses and complete the program in accordance with their schedules.

Students who have already obtained an associate or bachelor’s degree in a business-related field from a regionally accredited college or university have the opportunity to complete the ATC program requirements and earn a second associate or bachelor’s degree in airport management by enrolling in a 30-credit course of study involving aviation, management and air traffic control. Students who have earned an academic associate or bachelor’s degree in a non-business-related field are also eligible for the fast-track 30-credit program, but may need to take additional credits in math and business.

Vaughn College partners with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to offer the Air Traffic — Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI). The FAA hires approximately 50 percent of its candidates from the AT-CTI and the military. Additionally, AT-CTI candidates are able to bypass the biometric screening exam, which many do not pass.

One of only 33 schools nationwide that offers AT-CTI ― and the only institution in the Northeast.

Freshman and transfer students can enroll in one of the following approved degree programs:

Bachelor of Science

Associate in Applied Science

For detailed information on the required coursework, please download the appropriate document below.

Students holding academic associates degrees

Students holding academic bachelor’s degrees


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