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“We are thrilled to invite you to tune into our new Futureproof Focus podcast which focuses on the latest news, career opportunities and insights in the exciting fields of engineering, technology, management and aviation. Through unscripted, honest conversations with prominent industry, student, faculty and alumni guests, we will explore diversity, equity and inclusion in education and employment, and the forces that drive personal and career growth.”

HOST: Dr. Sharon B. DeVivo
President and Chief Executive Officer
Vaughn College

Latest Episodes

Making an Impact with Engineering: Building the Supply Chain for Offshore Wind

16:08  |  March 11, 2024

In this episode, we speak to Vaughn mechanical engineering alum Okera Bullen ’22 about his job at a pure electrification company called Nexans working in supply chain management. He speaks about his passion to have a positive impact on society and the world as a whole which brought him to Nexans, which supplies the cable […]

Tips to Help Finance Your College Education

29:16  |  January 31, 2024

We know that the cost of attending college can sometimes seem insurmountable, and many students and families worry about affordability. But the evidence is clear—students with bachelor’s degrees earn $1.2 million more and Vaughn College is the best in the nation at moving students to the top 40 percent income—a strong indication of Vaughn’s return […]

Drone Careers: Navigating the Present and Future Skies

32:30  |  January 8, 2024

Embark on a journey into the dynamic world of drone careers with Vaughn adjunct professor and aviation attorney Loretta Alkalay in the latest episode of Futureproof Focus. Uncover the diverse career paths drones offer, from drone design, operation and safety, while addressing the need for more women in the field. Join us for an enlightening […]

Supporting an Energy Efficient Future: Offshore Wind and Composites

33:10  |  November 30, 2023

In episode 10, Phil Rugile, Executive Director of the Institute for Workforce Advancement and the OSW Supply Chain delves into the world of composites and offshore wind careers. Rugile outlines initiatives to bridge the gap between the kind of careers students are exposed to and the actual opportunities that exist in composite manufacturing and offshore […]

Sustainability and Female Empowerment in Engineering

21:33  |  September 18, 2023

In episode 9, Suraiya Nawaz ’24 discusses how her several internship experiences (at LaGuardia, the Port Authority, Tesla and Whirlpool) helped to realize the type of work she wants to do with her mechatronic engineering degree from Vaughn.

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Lands Position at Power Company

20:14  |  July 6, 2023

In episode 8, learn how Philip Bredu ’22 came all the way from Ghana at age 18 to attend college in the US and pursue his passion for science, math and physics. He quickly transferred to Vaughn and fell in love with mechanical engineering. Vaughn helped him land an internship at Georgia Power which led to a job, which he currently holds today. Tune in and get inspired by Philip’s success story!

Increasing Hispanic Employment in Aviation

39:19  |  May 31, 2023

In this podcast, Migdalia Gonzalez, Hispanic Employment Program Manager at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), shares how she is educating Hispanic students (especially women) about aviation career opportunities at the FAA. Hispanic women are one of the most underrepresented groups in the aviation industry because they don’t have access to aviation education and the FAA is working to change that.

An Inside Look at an Aircraft Mechanic’s Role at Delta Air Lines

24:19  |  February 14, 2023

Check out this inspiring conversation with Eric Santos Silva ‘21 about how his passion for aviation maintenance grew in the Air Force, continued at Vaughn and how he is now climbing his way to the top of his career as an aircraft maintenance technician at Delta Air Lines. He provides tips and insights from his perspective as a first generation American to those aspiring to join the field.

The Journey to Becoming a Pilot at a Legacy Carrier

33:45  |  January 23, 2023

See how Gagandeep Munder ’14 didn’t give up on his dream of becoming pilot, quickly rising in the ranks after graduating from Vaughn College. He started out as a pilot instructor and now, was just hired by American Airlines, one of the three legacy carriers, where he will be flying a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Check out this truly inspiring conversation about his journey!

A Look Inside the Air Cargo Industry with Atlas Air: Demand, Trends, Diversity, the Workforce and the Future

18.55  |  November 4, 2022

Check out this insightful conversation with Patricia Goodwin-Peters, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Atlas Air Worldwide. She discusses the pivotal role the air cargo industry played throughout the pandemic and how the demand for aviation professionals extends far beyond pilots and flight attendants to crew planners and schedulers, R&D and maintenance.