Vaughn Aviation Graduates Succeed in the Air and on the Ground

Aviation is constantly changing―and our programs and degrees are constantly evolving to adhere to the ever-evolving field and career paths. Are you seeking a career as a pilot? Take flight with an aviation degree from Vaughn College. Whether your passion is in the clouds sitting in the front seat of the plane, on the ground as a flight instructor, or behind the latest technology as an aviation researcher or accident investigator―Vaughn College has the tools, the mentors and the opportunities to get you there.

Vaughn College offers certificates and programs, associate and bachelor’s degrees fit for the diverse interests of our students. Whether your are taking flight for the first time or are interested in expanding your skill set in the field, our industry-focused curriculum, staff of aviation experts and opportunities to gain real-life experience sets each student up for a successful career.

Vaughn’s aircraft operations and aeronautical sciences bachelor’s degrees are accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI).

The Mission of Vaughn College’s Aviation Department

The mission of the Vaughn College aviation program is to produce motivated, professional aviators who will serve the industry and public as trusted researchers, developers and operators of the aviation system.

Meet the Department Chair

Mr. Ronald Ruggeri, aviation coordinator of the aviation department and instructor at Vaughn College, is passionate about the aviation experience and what it offers to young students entering the professional arena. Mr. Ruggeri started his career in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), where he was trained as both an oceanic and tower air traffic control specialist. He quickly rose through the ranks and became staff manager for quality assurance as well as manager of operations for the FAA’s Eastern Region Air Traffic Division. While in the FAA, he rose through the ranks to be the assistant air traffic manager at Kennedy Tower, as well as an operations manager of the Kennedy sector at the New York TRACON, the air traffic manager of two VFR Towers, a radar approach facility and an international flight service station. He has taught at Vaughn, focusing on air traffic control, safety, aircraft operations and weather. Ruggeri’s passion for aviation shines through and he instills this same passion in his students and everyone on campus. 


Aviation Training Institute and Vice President of Training

Vaughn College is also well known for its Aviation Training Institute (ATI), which is led by the Vice President of Training Domenic Proscia. Over the last 19 years, he has been responsible for providing academic and administrative leadership and support in all aviation programs at Vaughn College. His strategic objective is to provide a transformational teaching and learning environment, and to create a unique Vaughn academic experience that engages faculty and students.

Proscia has created a level of aviation maintenance training at Vaughn that allows students to cross-train with other disciplines such as engineering, not typically accessible to students at other colleges. The curriculum was designed to prepare students for high paying and in demand careers with the tools, modern technology, knowledge, and hands-on experience needed to be successful in a variety of maintenance careers. Graduates go on to work in the utility, transportation and aviation arenas at companies such as the Metropolitan Transit Authority, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Con Edison, the Long Island Rail Road and major airlines such as Atlas Air (cargo), American Airlines, Delta Air Lines among others.

Angela Wright and her father next to a plane
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Patrick batey shaking hands with man
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Q: As a flight student, what types of simulators are available?

Vaughn’s million-dollar flight simulator lab features the most technologically advanced aviation training devices available; the FRASCA 241, which simulates a Cessna 172–the general aviation standard in aircraft; a Frasca 142 that can be configured as a single or twin engine.; a CRJ-200, which simulates the Canadair two-engine fan jet and is a great transition from the stationery FRASCA; and full-motion Redbird reciprocating engines to jet engines.

Q: Can I enroll in the Aviation Training Institute without a high school diploma?

A General Equivalency Diploma (GED) is required; our counselors may be able to assist you if a GED is not held.

Q: Can I transfer an associate’s degree in engineering technology to a bachelor of science degree?

Graduates of this program can either continue their studies in the College’s bachelor of science degree program or transfer to engineering programs at other four-year programs at a variety of colleges. For more information, please see the department chairman.

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