Welcome to Vaughn College Library.  Here we have invested in extensive and highly sought-after resources to help you succeed.  Want to fix a jet engine?  Don’t Google how to fix your jet engine when we have Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) guides.  Provided by the library, and also available at the Aviation Training Institute, these resources can show you how to fix almost anything related to aircraft.  Looking for a pricey textbook?  You’ve come to the right place.  Whether it’s Basic Electricity & DC Circuits, Calculus, Chemistry: The Central Science, Crew Resource Management, Heat Transfer, Materials Science and Engineering, Organizational Behavior, or must have Test Guides, the library is your go-to destination where these items and many more valuable texts are available on reserve for use.

In addition, we have Access Engineering (which includes Schaum’s -great outlines for Calculus) Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft and Unmanned Modules (If it flies in the air, Jane’s has you covered), Nexis Uni (legal cases, news, company profiles), Statista (industry statistics and data), and much more.  If you see something you want and we don’t have it, email Pamela Sookralli, director of library services at . In the library?  Even better.  We can discuss your library needs in-person or use our suggestion box to provide feedback. Members of the Vaughn College community can log into the portal to access all available resources.


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