Let’s Go Phoenix!

Take your passions and talents to the court or field by participating in one of the sports offered in Vaughn College’s recreation program. Join a team with your classmates or join our campus of students, professors, staff and alumni from the sidelines as we cheer them on.

Recreation allows students to continue their interests in sports, build important power skills and make friends within the Vaughn campus community. All students are encouraged to participate in the positive health and well-being opportunities associated with campus recreation including healthy living workshops, group classes, outings and access to the fitness centers. Whether you’re a player, fitness enthusiast or supporter, there are always opportunities to show your Phoenix pride.

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Campus Recreation!

In addition to team sports, we offer a wide variety of recreational activities that do not require a commitment. During the fall and spring semesters, students can participate in recreational volleyball and basketball on at the Korean Church of Queens. Once a month, volleyball tournaments are held for the more competitive volleyball players.  Additionally, our recreational department hosts fitness challenges and tournaments in bowling and billiards pool. Other events that are sponsored by the recreational department also include flag football, softball and soccer tournaments.