There’s excitement in the air—literally. The aviation industry is seeing a comeback in commercial air travel as passengers are feeling more confident taking to the skies amidst the continuing rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. As air travel demand returns, airlines are starting to hire pilots again. Many are saying that domestic leisure travel has almost completely recovered at this point, after hitting an all-time low a year ago. Airlines are also promoting more pilots to captain and allowing them to bid on new positions to meet the demand. It’s an exciting time for the travel industry!

Domestic air travel comeback

According to Moody’s, an American credit ratings agency, the outlook for the global airline industry has been upgraded to “positive,” as this agency expects a strong rebound in U.S. domestic travel. To date, the countries leading the recovery are China, the United States and Australia. The business market, on the other hand, is seeing a slower recovery, since people continue to work remotely and are taking fewer business trips. Overall, the industry is adjusting and reevaluating their operations for a strong post-COVID-19 rebound.

Making connections

Pent-up travelers are expected to spread their wings this year and take long-awaited vacations to visit family, friends and popular tourism hot spots such as Florida, Hawaii and Las Vegas. This is good news for airport workers, security staff, air traffic controllers and maintenance technicians as more people are flowing through airports. The COVID-19 vaccine is proving to be an industry game changer, as it is giving people the comfort, security and safety to travel and venture out again. Airports have made safety a top priority.

Positive shifts for passengers

Slower business travel may mean greater perks for leisure travelers. Airlines are considering reconfiguring their cabins to make the business-class cabin area smaller and by improving the remaining space for premium-leisure passengers with the placement of premium-economy cabins. “The need for airport and aircraft layout designers has increased as a result of the pandemic, as airports are creating more outdoor spaces and airlines are making economy cabins larger,” said Dr. Maxine Lubner, Chair of the Management Department at Vaughn. “Our management programs are poised to prepare students for the changing demands of the industry.”

Vaughn programs continue to soar

For almost 90 years, aviation enthusiasts have flocked to Vaughn College to study the fields of aviation, engineering and management. As much as the industry has changed over the years, one thing has remained the same: Vaughn has adapted to the changes by offering new and cutting-edge coursework, programs and employment connections to meet industry demand. Vaughn’s faculty and staff have worked in the industries they teach, so they are deeply rooted and tuned in to industry and employer trends, especially as they’ve shifted throughout the pandemic.

Vaughn continues to educate, train and inspire future pilots, engineers and aviation professionals through its renowned bachelor’s, associate and certificate programs and experienced faculty. Vaughn’s aircraft operations and aeronautical sciences bachelor’s degrees are accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI).

Looking to advance your career in aviation management? Vaughn’s master’s in aviation management degree program gives mid-level professionals the ability to rise in the ranks at aviation-related organizations.

The post-COVID-19 comeback is one more reason why flight students have an edge in pursuing a futureproof career as a pilot. And with the ongoing pilot shortage that has left airlines waiting in the wings, there’s no better time than now for students to earn their degrees.

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