image[1]“Walk straight down to the end of the hallway and the admissions department will be able to assist you.” Those are the words that changed my life. Those words were my first step to becoming a student at Vaughn College.

I took the advantage of joining Quick Start, a summer program that gives incoming freshmen a head start on their college credits. During the program, I learned a lot about certain classes and the overall college experience. I was excited to begin this chapter of my life but was even more excited that this chapter is paving my road to success as a mechanical engineer.

But this excitement was only the beginning.

Halfway though the summer program, I was blessed with a surprise visit from my mother and father. When we settled down and got into conversation, the topic of choice was (of course) college and my determination for success. And then they asked me something I wasn’t expecting: they asked if I’d like to live on campus during the year. Since I’m from Long Island, I never expected this, but my immediate answer was “yes.” My parents imageexplained that they thought it would be much easier for me to make it to class on time and to study if I lived on campus. They were definitely right. And realistically, what teenager wouldn’t want to live on their own? And so, on September 3, 2011, my Vaughn College experience truly took off.

I have learned and dealt with a lot, living on campus. I have made friends, and lost friends; I have had my share of discussions and debates with professors. And through it all, each experience has taught me something. Today I can count on my closest friends, and I have matured into the man I was raised to become. In terms of maturing as a student, I have Vaughn to thank for that. In terms of maturing as a person, I thank God, my family and my friends. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.