josiah-darrigo (1)JOSIAH DARRIGO, CLASS OF ’16

Josiah D’Arrigo of Deer Park, NY learned about Vaughn College at a high school college fair. After further research, D’Arrigo learned about Vaughn College and its mechatronic engineering degree program. “Vaughn offered exactly what I was looking for and the location was ideal,” said D’Arrigo. “I only applied to Vaughn because I knew it was the right choice for me.” After being accepted, he was offered a residential scholarship that allowed him to live on campus to be more engaged in the life of the College.

D’Arrigo was also a recipient of the highly competitive Senior Scholarship named in honor of Kenneth Senior and created by his family after his passing. Now a junior at Vaughn, D’Arrigo is very happy at the College, knowing he made the right choice for his career. Last year, he became an active member of the robotics club and now serves as its treasurer. He has had the good fortune to participate in many robotic competitions and has learned a great deal from his peers. “The programming that is done in the club is a great platform to apply everything you learn in classes to a real-life situation.”

Reflecting on his time at Vaughn, D’Arrigo said “I’m incredibly happy at Vaughn. The engineering classes are small, ranging from seven to 20 students. We get to know the professors well and they make time for their students,” said D’Arrigo. “There are about eight of us who began the mechatronic engineering program at the same time and we all work together to help each other succeed.”