Vaughn’s Computer Science Degree: A Direct Path to a High-Paying Futureproof Career

October 20, 2023 Vaughn Spotlights

As technology advances at a record pace, the demand for computer science professionals is skyrocketing. If you’re looking for a high-paying, in-demand career, earning a degree in computer science may just be the best investment you can make for your future. Do you know what’s even better? The path to this futureproof career is closer than you think.

Vaughn College has recently added a bachelor of science degree in computer science. This latest addition to the College’s impressive array of engineering degree programs is designed to ensure that graduates will possess the necessary knowledge and skills to be valuable assets in the computer science industry.

Dr. Miguel Bustamante assistant professor of engineering and technology at Vaughn, weighed in on the value of earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science. “The unprecedented demand for graduates in the fields of computer science and information technology makes Vaughn’s computer science degree one of the most valuable investments for a student’s future,” said Bustamante.

What does Vaughn’s computer science degree offer?

The computer science degree at Vaughn focuses on hands-on experience and internships to ensure students not only understand the theory of the field but can also apply it to real-world situations that happen in the field every day. This comprehensive curriculum encompasses all aspects of computer science so students graduate feeling confident and ready to start their careers.

Students will:

  • Master the fundamentals of programming
  • Gain expertise in computer algorithms
  • Develop networking and system security skills
  • Tackle complex challenges and design systems to meet specific criteria, based on mastering a solid foundation in mathematics and design systems
  • Explore advanced topics such as data science and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Learn specifics about program courses and learning objectives here.

What industries are hiring computer science professionals?

Computer science professionals are needed in almost every facet of industry—from healthcare, automotive and real estate—to develop software and hardware, design computer systems and manage databases that are secure in the face of increasingly advanced hackers.

Here are some of the careers you can pursue with a computer science degree:

  • Software developer
  • Computer systems engineer
  • Computer hardware engineer
  • Data warehousing specialist
  • Database administrator
  • Systems analyst
  • Game developer
  • Web developer

Robust demand for computer science professionals over the next decade—and beyond

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers that are related to computer and information technology are projected to grow at a faster rate than all other occupations over the next decade. In fact, data revealed that about 377,500 job openings are projected each year. In 2021, for example, there were fewer than 160,000 computer science graduates to fill the almost 568,000 job openings. The 2022 median annual wage for computer network architects with a bachelor’s degree was $126,900. The 2022 median annual wage for database administrators with a bachelor’s degree was $112,120.

With the growth, demand and range of opportunities, a bachelor’s degree in computer science is well worth the time and investment.

What it takes to earn a computer science degree and why it’s worth it

A computer science degree involves a challenging curriculum that demands technical knowledge and strong mathematical skills, however, you don’t have to be a math genius to pursue a degree in the field. Vaughn provides assistance through the academic success center to help with tutoring or other degree-related needs.  There’s also a strong emphasis on theory and concepts, so abstract thinkers also do well. With a low student/faculty ratio of 14:1 which is often lower in some engineering courses, Vaughn professors are available to help you master any challenging concepts.

Investing in your future is money well spent. According to, bachelor’s degrees in computer and information sciences have a lifetime return on investment (ROI) of 71 percent. Now that’s spending your money wisely! Plus, the computer engineering industry is only projected to grow over time, so it truly is a futureproof career path.

Does computer science sound like the right fit for you? If so, schedule a meeting with one of our admissions counselors today to learn more.