Vaughn’s Supply Chain Management Certificate Prepares Students for High-Paying Careers in the Field

November 6, 2023 Vaughn Spotlights

Until a few years ago, most of us took it for granted that our everyday goods would be on the shelves when we needed them. The COVID-19 pandemic changed that. Today, companies increasingly recognize the critical role that supply chains play in our everyday lives. This has created a high demand for supply chain professionals across all industries.

In response to a growing need to provide employment-ready students for the workplace, Vaughn College has developed a certificate program in Supply Chain Management (SCM) that has been approved by the New York State Department of Education (NYSED).

Peter Canellis, PhD, PE, associate professor in the management department at Vaughn, shared the wide range of benefits the program offers to individuals who are seeking either careers or advancement in the field.

What is “Supply Chain Management”?

From a global perspective, supply chain management relates to the flow of goods and services—from beginning with raw materials to delivering a final product. Supply chain management careers encompass diverse opportunities and various paths which allow individuals to seek out their own niche, based on their interests and skills.

Canellis explained that the main driver for supply chain talent is the demand for goods and services that has exploded on a global basis due to an increasing number of the world’s population that is entering the middle class. Some of the opportunities one can pursue include sourcing and procurement, logistics, inventory management, demand forecasting and purchasing. Hiring companies may include manufacturers, airlines and ocean-going freight carriers, trucking companies, railroads, freight forwarders, terminal operators and government agencies.

What are the benefits of pursuing a certificate degree in SCM?

Pursuing a certificate in SCM can be highly rewarding—and profitable. This is an intriguing field where interested individuals will learn how the worldwide economy works—and then some.

Here are the top reasons for pursuing a career in supply chain management:

  • High demand—Supply chain management is required by every company that either makes products for business or consumer use, provides intermediate inputs to those products, or supports their distribution. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment in this field to grow 18 percent over the next decade, which is much faster than average for all other occupations. This high demand is creating a pathway of opportunity to help companies reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and enhance competitiveness.
    • Cargo growth is expected to more than double over the next 20 years and a greater proportion of the world’s total output will shift to cargo-related activities.
  • Job security—Even during economic downturns, companies—both foreign and domestic—still need to manage their supply chains in this global economy.
  • Career advancement—Continuous learning opportunities that will enhance skills and increase career potential.
  • Financial rewards—Individuals working in SCM command competitive salaries. Those who have experience and specialized skills can earn higher salaries and bonuses.

Vaughn’s Supply Chain Management certificate details and outlook:

  • A comprehensive, hands-on curriculum in supply chain operations.
  • A four-course series that runs for five weeks and is structured for possible completion within six months (three credits per course, totaling 12 credits).
  • Every course can be applied toward attainment of a bachelor’s degree.
  • ‘Badging’ on students’ transcripts is a unique benefit that provides eligible students with a ‘badge’ on their transcript as early recognition and documentation of their achievements when seeking employment.
  • A guaranteed informational employment interview with one of Vaughn partners is available after successful completion of the first two courses—with a grade of “C” or better.
  • Salaries range from $65,000 entry-level to $98,000 and higher for mid-level jobs in the US according to The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) 2023 annual survey.

Is a supply chain management career in your future? See how Vaughn’s Supply Chain Management Certificate Program can prepare you for this highly sought-after, in-demand field. Apply today!