Holiday Gift Guide for Engineers, Aviators and the Tech Savvy

December 1, 2023 Vaughn Spotlights

Looking for the perfect holiday gift ideas for the engineers and tech lovers in your life? We’ve done the shopping for you. Vaughn College is excited to share gift ideas this holiday season. Get ready to “sleigh” the holidays with these awesome gift ideas!

Flashlight gloves

Anyone who works with their hands will love having light at their fingertips—when and where they need it. These cleverly engineered flashlight gloves have LED lights on the index finger and thumb, which makes working in dark spaces an illuminating experience. Plus, they’re made to be ambidextrous, so there’s no fumbling when time is of the essence. Talk about shedding light on the subject!

Robotic arm

You don’t have to be an mechanical engineer to love this gift. In fact, any robotics or tech enthusiast will be thrilled to build this cool robotic arm. The kit includes everything needed to get started. Check it out:

robotic armThe control system of the mechanical arm shown here is equipped with:

  • Bluetooth
  • 16M memory
  • Operates via a DC port

Once built, here’s what it can do:

  • Grab and hold up to 55 pounds
  • Save 1,020 different actions
  • Can be programmed using PC software, mobile applications and offline

Smart weather station

smart weather stationBe a meteorologist in your own backyard! This innovative smart weather station allows you to monitor the weather conditions at your home and backyard at a glance using a bright, LCD color display. You can keep up with the current temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speeds and so much more via the wireless all-in-one integrated sensor. This makes a great gift for anyone who loves meteorology—or just likes talking about the weather.

Magnetic levitating globe

magnetic globeHow does it do that? This magnetic levitating globe is one of the coolest gifts to give this holiday season. Powered by electricity, the globe levitates by use of powerful magnets on the top and bottom of the unit. It’s the perfect gift for the students, engineers, scientists and curiosity-seekers in your life.

Aviator smartwatch

aviator smartwatchThe latest aviator smartwatches have amazing features that the pilot in your life will be sure to appreciate. These watches have touchscreen displays with GPS/moving map, weather/radar reports, call/text and animated workouts. It also can be paired to an app to transfer flight plans. With so many different variations of this type of watch, there’s definitely one for your pilot!


From all of us at Vaughn College, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!