Attending a college open house is a great way to gauge whether a particular institution is the right fit for you and your future. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time on campus while earning your degree. Read on to learn some helpful tips and information that will make your visit both enjoyable and productive.

How to prepare for a college visit 

The first thing you want to keep in mind is that every other attendee has similar goals. They’re searching for a college where they will thrive, feel comfortable and earn a degree that will lead them to a futureproof career. So, relax and be yourself. Here are some important tips to help you prepare:

  • Dress for success—Dressing for success builds confidence and puts your best foot forward.
  • Arrive early—Arriving early reduces stress and gives you an opportunity to mix, mingle and get a sense of the campus before the event begins.
  • Keep an open mind—Think of an open house as a clean slate where you may learn and gather all the information you need to build a bright future.
  • Don’t be shy—This is your time to shine. Remember, it’s a level playing field where everyone is there for the same reason.
  • Ask questions—Asking questions may just be the most important part of attending a college open house. You’re gathering information for your future, so don’t feel intimidated. Ask away. Not sure which questions to ask? No problem. We’ve put together an easy guide of the top 15 questions to ask at an open house. (We’ve even left space on each page for you to jot down some notes to review and compare when it’s decision time.)


Vaughn Open House

Vaughn College graduates leave with more than just diplomas. They leave with jobs in the exciting and in-demand career fields of today. Think of it as a passport to your future. Attending our open house on Saturday, March 18 at 10 a.m. is your first step toward achieving a futureproof career, which is something that Vaughn actually guarantees.

During Open House, you will learn about:


Why a degree from Vaughn is the ticket to your future

Our students go on to have exciting careers at some of the nation’s top companies in aerospace, engineering, aviation and transportation. Our graduates also find rewarding positions in industries one might ordinarily not expect, such as healthcare, utilities and sustainable energy.

Are you ready to meet the future you? Join us on March 18.

We hope to see you there!