Vaughn Welcomes Students Back to Campus: Tips to Get Back into the College Groove

September 14, 2021 Student Life

Welcome back to a new school year! If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we are more resilient than we ever thought. So, give yourself a pat on the back as you prepare to make this year the best one yet.

In this blog, we outline important information you need for the upcoming year, along with some great tips to help you kickstart a successful semester. It’s time to reset your mind: “New Year, New Me!”

What you need to know for the fall semester at Vaughn

Beginning this fall, we are implementing a flexible approach to learning. Students and faculty members will have options that best suit their learning styles and modality of instruction. Most students will have the option to attend class either in-person or via Zoom. As for instruction, we are planning for on-campus, online synchronous (learning together) or online asynchronous (self-paced) options. Check out our complete list of schedules, courses and important campus information here.

Returning to campus safely

Vaughn is committed to maintaining a safe educational environment. Our president, Dr. Sharon B. DeVivo, stresses the importance of returning to campus safely amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Beginning on the first day of class, students will not be permitted in any campus facility without at least one vaccine shot. Everyone will need to be fully vaccinated no later than Monday, October 4. Everyone will need to keep their masks on when moving through the campus and in classrooms. To help in this effort, Vaughn has partnered with VitalCheck, a telehealth screening program, to certify vaccination status, as well as exemptions, and to perform health screenings of all students, faculty and staff. You will need to have uploaded your vaccination status no later than Wednesday, September 1. For more information on vaccination rules, click here.

Getting back in the campus groove

Returning to campus is an exciting time, as students will reconnect with friends and classmates while meeting and making new ones. It’s normal to feel a bit uneasy. After all, most have been attending classes remotely. You may have lost that mojo to get back to the classroom. Did you know that Vaughn’s office of counseling and wellness (OCW) provides counseling and other supportive services for the overall health and well-being of students? If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or just need someone to talk to, we invite you to visit the office of counseling and wellness and speak with Dr. Stacey Dutil.

Tips to reboot your mind

To help you get back into the campus groove, we have put together five helpful tips to reboot your mind for a successful semester:

  1. Go to orientations—Familiarizing yourself with the campus and the latest rules will help to ease your mind and make you better prepared for the semester.
  2. Get organized—Preparing for your classes now will make life easier once they are in full swing. Be sure to have everything you need so that you’ll be ready to go without any delays.
  3. Attend all your classes—Set your alarm clock! Attending all your classes regularly will keep you on track with assignments and prevent you from falling behind.
  4. Meet with professors and advisors—Getting to know your professors and advisers is a key part of building strong relationships for success.
  5. Don’t procrastinate—A wise person once said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

Tips for personal growth and well-being

Life is all about balance. Yes, it’s important to study and earn good grades, but cutting loose and nurturing your inner self is just as important. Here are some tips to help create a happy mind and spirit:

  1. Create a playlist of your favorite songs—It’s been known that studying to music can relax your mind, increase concentration and improve your focus, among other benefits. Check out our blog, “Studying to Music Can Put Your Brain in the Right Frame of Mind.”
  2. Expand your circle by joining clubs—Meeting new people, especially ones with similar interests, is a great way of taking your mind off the books and enjoying some camaraderie.
  3. Stay healthy—Getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercising is more important than you think. It’s all about time management. Set a time to go to bed every night and stick to it. (We’ll give you a pass on the weekends.) Fill your fridge with healthy foods and make time to go for a quick walk during the day. (You’ll get your steps in on campus.) Or, hit the gym when you can.
  4. “Me” time—This may be the best one of all. It’s important to set aside time every day to do something that brings you joy and relaxes your mind.

A message from our president Dr. Sharon B. DeVivo on returning to campus

We are committed to maintaining a safe and high-quality educational environment for everyone and need your understanding to make it work as smoothly as possible. I ask for your patience and flexibility as we navigate this “new normal.” In the meantime, I strongly encourage everyone who can to get vaccinated. The latest variant of the virus is causing the rates to increase across the country and vaccination is the best possible option for a return to normal and the safety of the Vaughn community. The latest information can also be found here. Thank you for your continued cooperation.