What Advanced Technology Means for Manufacturing and Engineering

February 25, 2021 Industry News

As technology continues to advance, engineering roles in the manufacturing industry have evolved considerably. Despite all of these changes, manufacturing remains an in-demand career field with a bright outlook.

How technology is changing manufacturing

Yes, you might think that evolution and technical advancements in robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and machine learning would reduce manufacturing and engineering jobs. These breakthroughs, however, are actually creating jobs requiring more education and skills since some tasks are being covered by robotics and automation. As you might imagine, these highly skilled employees are also getting paid more. Manufacturing is becoming more efficient and precise in less time, increasing profit margins and customer satisfaction. For example, before 3D printing, it would take weeks to design and develop a prototype. Additive manufacturing has reduced that time to just a few hours so that more time can be devoted to testing and design optimization.

Promising careers that aspiring engineering students can look forward to considering include additive manufacturing or 3D printing, composite manufacturing and CNC machining (computer numerical control machines). And as these advancements continue, the demand to fill these positions will only become greater.

Vaughn is prepared to meet the engineering challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has made manufacturers implement operating strategies that are flexible, resilient and innovative, which require skillsets to match. Much of the manufacturing workforce is on the verge of retirement, which is good news for engineering graduates who will be looking for jobs in the next few years. Vaughn’s engineering program prepares students for the ever-changing industries they will enter, like manufacturing. Vaughn’s professors have experience working in the fields in which they teach, which makes them able to help students apply their knowledge to real-life situations they’ll encounter on the job. This makes a Vaughn education that much more valuable. Vaughn students graduate with the skills they need to be successful in their fields right away.

The engineering and technology programs at Vaughn run the gamut from avionics to mechatronic engineering, among many other specialties. Two programs worth special consideration—which will give students who apply to them a competitive advantage—are our programs in mechatronic engineering and mechanical engineering: computer-aided design. Each program provides students with a well-rounded education that is complemented by hands-on experience, resulting in a solid foundation for a career in engineering. Vaughn also offers many certificate programs which can help working professionals advance their careers post-graduation.

There is a great demand for engineering professionals. If a career in engineering and technology is of interest to you, contact Vaughn College to get started.