Three Reasons to Take Aviation Maintenance Solutions to the Cloud

November 20, 2018 Industry News

For the aviation sector, SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions offer a higher level of productivity for airline maintenance operations, as well the opportunity for improved safety and cost reductions. However, this technology trend has been slow to pick up speed for maintenance professionals in their quest for emerging technology solutions.

This blog provides three cogent reasons why the adoption of cloud-based computing is a no-brainer for those in charge of making decisions for maintenance operations.

1. Anywhere, Anytime

Today, cloud computing is revolutionizing business as more users are now free to use applications and information from any device with Internet access―such as tablets on the maintenance shop floor, or laptops out in the field. Since all software and information is stored remotely and managed on a cloud-based server, users no longer have to worry about security, data corruption, viruses, computer theft, or equipment malfunctions. The provider of the service manages and updates all information stored online so the users of the service―or their Information Technology (IT) departments―don’t have to, thus freeing up time for employees to focus on other tasks. What would you rather have your maintenance team working on―aviation maintenance or computer software maintenance?

2. Real-time Access

Another reason implementing a cloud-based system makes sense is how it optimizes the mechanic and his or her work. The truth of the matter is no one in the maintenance operation benefits more from cloud computing than the mechanic. Having real-time, immediate access to the most up-to-date libraries and regulatory information right on the shop floor is a tremendous improvement over older processes which require a dedicated workstation, or even a special room for maintenance and regulatory libraries.

Order data, manuals, service information, parts availability, customer contact info, the latest regulatory updates, the most current maintenance procedures, forms, business procedures and more are all available the moment they are needed. And this information can be accessed anywhere from any computer with an Internet connection; that adds mobility to the job. Who wouldn’t want that.

3. Easy Collaboration

The third reason to welcome cloud-based aviation maintenance is that it allows for the harmonious transfer of information for everyone within the operation. With the cloud, aviation maintenance professionals can more easily and efficiently manage and share information with fellow workers and the company for improved collaboration.

It should be noted that collaboration is one of the key advantages of cloud computing. As everything is stored in the cloud, it is easy for multiple users to access the same application and data at the same time and easily share information about particular data. Notes with specialized information can be attached to documents. Company procedures and processes can be added to any publication. Instant access to collaborative information improves communication and business processes which in turn reduces risk for the company and mechanics. Cloud computing saves time and money and generates a team spirit to every project. In essence, the cloud brings every stakeholder in the operation closer and helps to make communication clearer.

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