Fly Like a Jedi: United “Star Wars” Plane Offers Galactic Experience

February 12, 2020 Industry News

“Star Wars” fans are encountering a galactic flight experience after United Airlines unveiled its “Star Wars”-themed Boeing 737-800 aircraft in November to celebrate the franchise’s highly anticipated final chapter, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” which opened in December 2019.

Joining Forces

United Airlines joined forces with the “Star Wars” franchise to promote the epic conclusion of the Skywalker saga. The airline upped their game for its MileagePlus members by offering them the opportunity to use their miles to bid on and buy exclusive “Star Wars”-themed items and experiences. To round out the partnership, United Airlines recruited some of its employees to star in a “Star Wars”-themed commercial which aired through January 2020.

An “Out-of-This-Galaxy” Experience

The airline pulled out all the stops to give “Star Wars” fans a fun “out-of-this-galaxy” experience, both on and off the plane. As part of the newest plane in the United Airlines fleet, the exterior of this unique aircraft has a new paint design depicting the “Star Wars” galaxy which captures the imagery of the X-wing and TIE fighter starships. There are even different colored lightsabers painted on each side of the tail depicting the two alliances. Pretty cool stuff!

The interior of the plane sets the mood for an exciting onboard experience. Passengers are welcomed aboard while the movie’s iconic soundtrack plays in the background—setting the tone for things to come. As passengers approach their seats, it’s hard to miss the headrests embossed with the film’s dueling factions, the Resistance and the First Order. The inflight safety video demonstration has never been so fun, as passengers are instructed by characters from the new film, along with some of the most beloved “Star Wars” favorites such as Yoda and Chewbacca. There’s even a plaque signifying the relationship between United Airlines and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” and passengers receive a themed amenity kit, too!

The Saga Continues

Attention all Jedis: Be on the lookout as the United “Star Wars” plane makes its way through the airline’s galaxy covering the United States, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean. Unable to book a flight? You can try catching a glimpse of the unique aircraft at the airport by tracking its movements―as well as past and future flights―on FlightAware, considered to be the world’s largest online tracking platform. Simply enter the plane’s tail number—N36272—and look for the X-Wing starship on the tracking map.

May the Force be with you!

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