Your Futureproof Career Begins at Vaughn College

February 15, 2018 Vaughn Spotlights

Landing a career in a field that offers job security, transferability and longevity in a top-trending market is every student’s dream, and the very essence of being futureproof. Vaughn College has captured this notion by providing students the education and opportunity of today, so they can engage in the careers of tomorrow.

What it means to be futureproof

As one of the country’s premier aviation institutions, Vaughn graduates have a competitive edge to obtain jobs in the industry’s hottest markets. Vaughn’s career placement rate speaks for itself―with an impressive 97 percent of the College’s graduates securing jobs, 82 percent of those in a related field or continuing their education within one year.

Futureproof careers at Vaughn

Here is a snapshot of Vaughn’s academic programs and a peek into some futureproof careers the College has to offer:

Pilot or flight instructor

The worldwide pilot shortage is projected to reach crisis levels, with the industry seeking approximately 117,000 new pilots over the next 20 years and a staggering 637,000 new pilots worldwide, according to the Boeing Pilot Outlook. This astounding statistic literally positions Vaughn aviation graduates in “the pilot’s seat,” as pilots and flight instructors will be in high demand for the next 20 years and beyond.

Mechanical engineer

The new age of manufacturing and technology is keeping engineers in high demand within a realm of industries. According to U.S. News and World Report, mechanical engineers rank second among the best engineering jobs, with the need of over 14,000 new positions to be filled over the next six years. The engineering and technology programs at Vaughn offer a range of studies that are laser-focused on today’s most sought-after careers. Students seeking a bachelor’s degree in engineering can chose among three programs: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and mechatronic engineering—which encompasses the three disciplines of computer programming, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. For students geared more toward technology, Vaughn offers four bachelor’s degree programs in the fields of engineering and technology, including mechanical engineering technology (aeronautical), mechanical engineering technology, computer-aided design (CAD), electronic engineering technology (avionics) and electronic engineering technology (general electronics). In addition, Vaughn offers three associate degree programs in the engineering technology field, including aeronautical engineering technology, animation and digital technologies, and electronic engineering technology avionics.

Airport management

Conveniently adjacent to New York’s LaGuardia Airport, Vaughn provides an unsurpassed learning environment for airport management students. The airport management degree program prepares students for the various functional areas of aviation and business management. These include airport management, airport operations, aviation regulations, environmental issues, economics, accounting, finance, public relations and planning. For students who are looking to further their education, Vaughn offers a unique master’s degree program to take their airport management degree to the next level.

Aircraft technician

As air travel remains―at unprecedented levels―the preferred method of transportation, the demand for aircraft technicians continues to skyrocket. Boeing forecasts the industry will need as many as 679,000 new technicians worldwide by 2035 to maintain and repair aircraft, making this a strong, futureproof career. Graduates of Vaughn’s Aviation Training Institute (ATI) have landed rewarding careers with major commercial and cargo airlines, as well as The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the Metropolitan Transit Authority, among other well-known companies.

The careers of tomorrow begin today

It’s never too late to become futureproof. Vaughn College opens doors to the future by providing students the opportunity to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams.