Best Tech Gadget Gifts for the Holidays

December 16, 2021 Industry News

Engineering is playing a starring role in today’s hottest holiday gifts. Tech enthusiasts will have their pick of cool gadgets to include on their holiday lists this year because this industry has something for everyone, from the latest drones to a pet cam that can actually “feed” your pet treats—while you watch! And all these fascinating gadgets are made possible due to the advancements and cool innovation of today’s engineers!

So, this holiday season, we have compiled a list—and yes, we checked it twice—of today’s most innovative tech gifts that will have even Santa doing a double take. Get ready to see them for yourself. Which ones will you be getting for the tech lover in your life?


Excitement is soaring to new heights as today’s drones are taking the sky by storm (not literally, of course.) From drones for beginners to the most advanced models, UAV enthusiasts are discovering the freedom of flight from the palms of their hands. Powerful motors and the latest in hi-tech cameras are making drones the go-to gift for the aviation lover on your gift list.

Did you know that Vaughn College is one of the top colleges in New York that offers classes in UAV technology, usage, operation and drone law?― We also have communities for like-minded UAV hobbyists, such as the UAV club, where students and faculty members put their heads together to build, program and compete in top contests around the nation. If this sounds interesting to you, check out all the cool careers you can pursue as a UAV pilot in our blog, “Turn Your Love of UAVs into a High-Flying Career.”

Smart Phone Sanitizer and Charger

Did you know the average cell phone has 25,127 bacteria per square inch? That’s enough to make anyone cringe. Today, more than ever, it’s important to keep your hands clean and free of germs. There’s a new charger on the block that can handle this problem—and so much more. It’s not only cool but savvy, as it’s built with the latest engineering and technology that sanitizes your phone for germ-free (and worry-free) use.

Smart Water Bottle

Imagine getting inspiration directly from your water bottle to keep you on track with your water intake throughout the day? There’s a water bottle that does just that. LED smart sensors glow different colors to remind you to drink while Bluetooth technology helps to track your water intake. Smart water bottle creators definitely had a mechanical engineering background.

Wi-Fi Dog Camera

Want to make sure your dog isn’t acting up while you’re not home? Of course, you do. Now there’s a Wi-Fi dog camera that allows you to see and talk to your best friend and even “feed” him or her treats via an app! And there’s no training required—for the dog, that is. What kind of knowledge is needed to make a wi-fi dog camera? You guessed it – computer and electrical engineering for sure!

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Is it a robot? Is it a vacuum? It’s the best of both tech worlds! Today’s autonomous robot vacuum cleaner can clean multiple rooms, detect obstacles and sense steep drops. (Sorry, it doesn’t do windows!) Some of these robot vacuums work with Alexa and Google Assistant so that you can clean and even schedule a vacuum from anywhere. They can even learn your cleaning habits and make intelligent suggestions. Now, that’s one smart vacuum! Did you know that Vaughn’s award-winning robotics team is the perfect embodiment of mechatronic engineering at its best? Are you interested in robotics? You could be a part of the next generation of engineers! What would you invent?

Check out our blog, “Journey Through Time: How Iconic Sci-Fi Television Shows Inspired Today’s Technology,” for a fun look back on how cartoon characters like “Rosie” the Robot Maid inspired some of today’s most innovative tech products.

3D Doodle Pen

Are you a doodler? Imagine doodling in 3D. Yes, it’s possible. Today’s innovators have designed a pen that helps you write or draw in 3D. You can even create and design art, too! Does this sound too good to be true? Unleash your creativity. Grab the closest piece of paper and check it out for yourself. Similarly, did you know that Vaughn’s engineering and technology department has their own 3D prototyping innovation center? This space offers students hands-on opportunities to bring their classroom knowledge to life by applying the concepts they learned and then turning them into physical objects.

We hope you enjoyed our selections of some of today’s most popular tech gifts. Which ones will you either be adding to your list.

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