By Vaughn College   |   April 2, 2018

Here at Vaughn College, we have one of the highest success rates among graduates who land jobs in their chosen fields. So, it’s no surprise that two of our commercial pilot alumni―Ameet Humesh Seeratan ’11 and Laurentino Gomes ’15―not only found jobs as pilots right after graduating, but also had the pleasure of co-piloting the same flight for Endeavor Airlines last fall.


As a native New Yorker, Seeratan always believed he would pursue a career in psychology―until he took his first flight lesson at a summer aviation and psychology program during high school. That was when he became certain he was meant to be a pilot.

Growing up in Cape Verde, Africa, Gomes knew at an early age that he wanted to be a pilot. He would walk for more than 30 minutes to the closest airport just to watch planes take off and land. Knowing there weren’t any flight programs in his country, Gomes researched his options and discovered Vaughn College.

They both enrolled in the aircraft operations, or flight program, which put them on the path to where they are today.


Becoming a commercial pilot takes more than just earning a degree. It takes obtaining flight licenses, certificates and ratings before one is permitted to pilot an airplane. The aircraft operations professional pilot bachelor of science degree program has been developed to provide students proficiency in all areas of pilot skills to achieve the certified flight instructor level. This program enables students, like Seeratan and Gomes, to obtain those licenses and earn their ratings―from private pilot to multi-engine. Vaughn’s restricted airline transport pilot (RATP) rating allows students to reduce their FAA-required flight hours from 1,500 to 1,000, by completing the 60-credit program.

After graduating from Vaughn in 2011, Seeratan began working for American Eagle Airlines at LaGuardia Airport, where he flew for four years and earned additional flight time. In 2015, he joined Endeavor Airlines, earning his captain’s title after piloting for only 13 months.

Gomes remained at Vaughn after graduation in 2015, teaching students how to fly in Vaughn’s $1 million flight simulator lab. He says this opportunity gave him the added expertise and experience he needed to land a job as a commercial pilot. Gomes then moved to Boston, where he continued to teach. Shortly thereafter, he began working for Endeavor Airlines, where he’s been flying for the past year.


Although Seeratan and Gomes grew up on different continents, their passion for flying was the common thread that brought them both to Vaughn to pursue their goals. Vaughn continues to set the pace for prospective pilots to live their dreams and take their futures to new heights. Today―more than ever―the institution’s aviation graduates are soaring high on the wings of success.


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