Vaughn College Alumna Leonie Barden ’07, systems engineer for The Boeing Company at the Kennedy Space Center, returned to campus on Thursday, September 20 and spoke about her post-graduate experience with current students, faculty and staff. She detailed how her Vaughn College education helped set her on her career path and find success as an engineer.

“To know that she was once where we are and is now working for The Boeing Company is inspiring,” said Kirei Watson ’18, treasurer for the National Society of Black Engineers student chapter.

Barden has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing hardware for NASA’s space exploration programs – International Space Station (ISS) and Commercial Crew Transportation System. Her expertise includes fabrication, modification, assembly and testing of payloads involving thermal insulated soft goods for the ISS.

“Working as a systems engineer was the best place for me,” said Barden. “Being involved in a system through design, maintaining, sustaining to retirement has taught me so much.”

Towards the closing of the presentation Barden answered questions from attendees such as relocating for her career, the importance of having mentors and how participating in clubs and internships is important for gaining experience.

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