The Need for Air Traffic Controllers

July 11, 2019 Industry News

Keeping an Eye on the Sky: The Need for Air Traffic Controllers

Has a career as an air traffic controller been on your radar? Now may be the best time to train for one of the most sought-after and important positions in the industry. See why attending an institution like Vaughn College can give you a competitive edge to landing a job as an air traffic controller.

Growth in the industry

As air travel continues to increase, so does the need for air traffic control. Over the past five years, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has hired over 7,800 new air traffic controllers. Just this month, the FAA announced it will begin hiring to fill entry-level air traffic control positions.

Making it happen

Vaughn can prepare you for this exciting career as an air traffic controller in less time than you might have imagined. Vaughn partners with the FAA to offer the Air Traffic-Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI). Why is that important? By attending a college like Vaughn, which offers the AT-CTI, you get to bypass the FAA biometric screening exam―which many do not pass. Vaughn is one of only 30 colleges in the country to offer this program, and the only program of its kind in the Northeast.

Unique job benefits

The steady demand for air traffic controllers and the unique benefits of this position are catching the attention of aviation enthusiasts from all walks of life. With the following standard benefits, it’s no wonder air traffic controllers will be in steady demand for years to come:

  • Potential to earn six-figure salary after first few years of service
  • Consistent work schedule
  • Scheduled breaks throughout your shift
  • Mandatory retirement age at 56, with full federal pension benefits

Student Success Story

Vaughn graduates like Jessenia Diaz ’10 have landed successful careers as air traffic controllers―right here in New York City. Diaz is just one example of how passion and dedication can lead to attaining a dream job.

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