Undecided About College? Increase Your Earning Potential with a Degree.

August 4, 2023 Resources

Many high school graduates today are wondering if attending college is a worthwhile investment. They are wondering if the effort, time and money could be saved with potentially more valuable on-the-job experience. It’s best to think of the value of a college degree in terms of earning potential over time. Bachelor’s degree holders generally earn 75% more than those with just a high school diploma, according to “The College Payoff,” a report from the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. College graduates with four-year bachelor’s degrees are also more likely to have health insurance through their jobs, contribute to a 401(k) and own a home.

Many of the careers in aviation, aeronautics and technology that Vaughn prepares students for require a certain level of training, certification or degree for entry into the field. Vaughn also sets students up for lifelong success with additional support, which we are about to dive into!

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The rising cost of college and fear of student debt are among the top reasons why students choose not to attend college. Online learning during the pandemic also made students question if a college education was worth it. At Vaughn, we recognize that attending college is an expensive undertaking, and our admissions advisers will work with you to find financial solutions that will make attending college possible based on your individual needs. After all, 90 percent of Vaughn students receive some type of financial aid, and academic excellence is recognized by awarding college scholarships to high-achieving students who wish to pursue bachelor’s degrees.

Another attractive feature for Vaughn students is the new Scholarship Universe tool, which expands scholarship opportunities even further to new and current students. Students can access the Scholarship Universe portal to see what scholarships they are eligible for, get information and deadlines, apply and check application status all in one place.

National Society of Leadership and Success

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is the nation’s largest leadership honor society in the United States, with more than 1.5 million members and 700+ chapters nationwide and Vaughn has recently established a chapter on campus. It is the only society of its kind to have earned accreditation for its programming, which is an outstanding benefit for participating students. This milestone is due in large part to Vaughn’s long standing partnership with United Airlines whose sponsorship includes all membership fees, thus making it affordable for every qualifying Vaughn student to join. Since the NSLS chapter was established at Vaughn in March of 2022, 86 students have been formally inducted and 239 have accepted the invitation to become a member. 

NSLS inductees at Vaughn College

So, why is this big news? NSLS differentiates itself from traditional honor societies in the following ways:

  • Students must complete a step-by-step leadership development program in order to be inducted. For Vaughn students, this includes doing through the orientation and leadership training day, attending three speaker series presentations and participation in three Success Network Teams (SNTs) where students create personal goals and support each other to achieve them.
  • The curriculum offers students opportunities to develop many in-demand skills such as leadership communications and team building.
  • Additional expertise is provided for the personal development disciplines that today’s highly motivated employers are demanding.

Residence life and housing

Living on campus can make the college experience even greater! When you live and study at Vaughn, you’ll become part of a community, develop lasting friendships, have easy access to campus resources, clubs and activities. According to a national study conducted by The Association of College and University Housing Officers – International (ACUHO-I), living on campus has a profound impact on student persistence and engagement. Additionally, supporting the whole student learning and development through environmental, social, physical, intellectual, financial, emotional, spiritual and occupational opportunities is something Vaughn takes very seriously. 

Vaughn’s residence hall features all suite-style fully furnished suites with semi-private bathrooms, air conditioning, cable TV connection, high speed internet and 24/7 security while classes are in session.

Residence hall common areas include:

Vaughn students working out at residential hall gym

  • Lobby Lounge – For gatherings, gaming, streaming and just hanging out with friends.
  • Kitchen – Cooking, prepping meals, reheating and food storage. (NOTE: Meal plans are required for resident students.)
  • Multi-purpose room – Study room, presentation practice space and events.
  • Fitness Center – with spectacular views of New York City
  • Laundry facilities

The unique Vaughn student experience

College is so much more than hitting the books and cramming for exams. At Vaughn, we take the college experience to another level through a hands-on, experiential learning approach. “Learn-by-doing” opportunities give students the confidence, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership and communication skills they need to succeed in their fields of study.

Through priceless exposure to out-of-the-classroom experiences, students gain a competitive edge for success. Here are some of the exciting student experiences that Vaughn offers:Robotics club

  • Opportunities to present research, projects and papers at professional conferences and networking events
  • Internships
  • Student clubs and team competitions in areas such as uncrewed aerial vehicles, robotics, rover and aviation maintenance
  • Industry speakers
  • Professional gateway partnerships that provide career pathways for Vaughn graduates

We hope this blog has inspired you to rethink your path to college and the value a degree will bring to your career and life. Taking the first step toward your future begins with exploring your college options. At Vaughn, we offer degrees in today’s most sought-after industries. From engineering and technology to management and aviation, we have degree programs that will give you a competitive edge in today’s workforce. With so many opportunities and possibilities for your future, now is the time to see all the great things that are happening at Vaughn. Schedule a visit. Or, better yet, apply today!