By Vaughn College   |   November 17, 2015



This semester I had the opportunity to attend the Leadership Academy retreat at Frost Valley YMCA with other Vaughn students. In this program, 20 students are chosen to spend a weekend away, learning and developing our leadership skills. We participated in group and trust exercises to build morale and learn more about each other. What I really liked about this program is that it brings together so many people that may not have connected on campus otherwise. I developed great friendships while learning the importance of networking, decision making, problem solving, a positive attitude and self-motivation. Now we attend different workshops where the College brings inspeakers from diverse backgrounds in aviation, management and engineering. Because of the friendships I made in this trip, I attended a career fair in Tennessee with four other students from the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). I met with so many companies and was able to talk with them and apply for internships and jobs. I will also be attending two more professional association conferences sponsored by Vaughn later this month. I encourage students to apply for this program the Leadership Academy because it’s one of the many things I love about Vaughn: They want students to develop as people, as well as in our academics so we can be ready for that dream job after graduation.