Student Services

Vaughn provides an array of services to enrich your academic experience. From providing meals and snacks in our cafeteria to helping you connect to the web and buying your books for the semester, Vaughn student services is ready to assist you.

Office of Student Services

Located in Room W142, this office provides a full range of services to Vaughn College students, including:

  • Your student ID and parking permit
  • Locker rental
  • Managing the fitness center and recreation room

For more information, please contact Ricky McCollum at or 718.429.6600 ext. 314.

47Aviation Café

Vaughn operates a cafeteria service for all students on the lower level seven days a week: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The menu offers a variety of options, including daily specials, quick to-go items and a variety of soups, salads, sandwiches and hot and cold items. Residential students are required to have a meal plan. Commuter students also can choose a meal plan, although it’s not required.

Campus Security

Safety at the College depends on each individual making it a priority. Vice President Robert Waldmann ( or 718.429.6600, ext. 106) oversees the selection and coordination of a contract security service to secure the College’s facilities. The security service is required by state law to screen and train its guards for enforcement and protection work. Security cameras and lights help the service. A close working relationship with the area police and airport security help the College’s own efforts, as the security service cannot make arrests. It can, however, provide a security presence and assist law enforcement officials when they are called by members of the College community. There are many steps you can take to enhance campus safety. There are many steps you can take to enhance campus safety.  For a copy of the College’s latest crime statistics click here.

To contact Campus Security, call 1.866.6VAUGHN, ext. 130.

Computer Facilities/Information Technology Support

Over the last several years, the College has installed a leading-edge, $1-million computer network for our students, faculty and staff. This computer system:

  • Allows a common interface for a number of operating systems, including Novell NetWare 3.12, 4.1 and WindowsNT.
  • Supports other operating systems, including Windows 2000, Windows for Workgroups and UNIX Sparc Station.
  • Provides wireless Internet access across the campus All you need is a laptop equipped with an 802.11 a/b dual band wireless adaptor. For assistance, contact the office of information technology helpdesk at 1.866.6VAUGHN, ext. 209 or

Through the network, hundreds of personal computers are connected together through fiber optic cables to allow sharing of more than 20 of the most up-to-date applications, including desktop publishing, 3-D computer-aided design (CAD), mathematics, spread sheets, databases, shared print services, file and scanning services. Several T-1 lines have been installed, giving each workstation access to the Internet and full electronic mail and messaging services inside and outside the College.

Student Fitness Center

Keep yourself looking–and feeling–good at our student fitness center. Located in the main building near the Aviation Café and staffed by part-time trainers, this complete health facility features weight training and cardiovascular equipment, free weights, as well as Nautilus equipment, a StairMaster, treadmill and a stationary bicycle. Before using the fitness center, you must sign the Vaughn College fitness center waiver and release agreement as well as have a fitness sticker placed on the back of their student ID card. You also must abide by the posted guidelines for effective and safe use of the center.

For more information, stop by W142 or email Ricky McCollum, Director of Athletics, Fitness and Wellness at or at 718.429.6600 ext. 314.

Health Care Insuranceworkshops

Vaughn offers a student health insurance plan through the American College Student Association (ACSA). Administered by United Health Care, it is designed to provide the quality of health care coverage you need at a price suited to a student’s budget.

If you are enrolled under another policy, please check the policy to make sure you are eligible for coverage. Group health plans often do not cover full-time student dependents once they have reached a specific age, or when they are married. In addition, students who have declared financial independence for financial aid purposes may not be covered. We also urge students who are covered by an HMO, PPO or similar policy to determine the extent of coverage available while living in New York.

For a description of coverage, including costs, benefits, exclusions, any reductions and limitations, and the terms under which the coverage may remain in force, contact United Health Care at 1-800-767-0700 or e-mail ACSA at or visit its website at

For information about student health insurance, contact the office of student affairs at 718.429.6600, ext. 170.

Sign Up for TXT Alerts

Want to be alerted on your mobile device in the event of an emergency or inclement weather? Signup for TXT alerts.

Locker Rental

A limited number of lockers on campus are available for rent for a minimal fee. Lockers are located along the hallway of the main floor as well as on the lower level in the student lounge. Students can rent lockers on a per-semester or per-academic year basis. Lockers must be emptied at the completion of the rental period. Items left in lockers one week beyond the rental period will be removed and discarded. The College is not liable for lost or stolen property; the use of a lock is strongly advised.

Lockers are the property of Vaughn College, and the College reserves the right to inspect any locker and search its contents. A student will have no expectation of privacy regarding the contents of a campus locker. A student may not store dangerous or illegal items or flammable substances in a locker.

Students should stop by W142 or email for instructions on renting a locker.

Academic Success Center

At Vaughn, we want to do all we can to make your first year here–and your entire college experience–a successful one. To help achieve this goal, we offer a comprehensive Academic Success Center (ASC) in the center of our campus. Here, you’ll find a quiet place to study, a welcoming environment where you can collaborate with faculty or fellow students, and an open door when you need some extra help.

Peer Tutoring is the extra support you may need during your academic tenure at Vaughn. Whether it is assistance with one concept or difficulty throughout the semester, peer tutors who are upper-class students and who have successfully passed the course in which you are experiencing difficulty are available in the ASC. You can also come to the ASC for a variety of services and resources such as:

  • A study space, where individuals and small groups can go to work on group projects, or cram for that all-important exam.
  • The advisement office is where you will go to register for courses and receive guidance about your degree program throughout the semester.
  • The Math and Writing Centers are housed within the Academic Success Center in room L202. Assistance and technical support for writing and math are available. This assistance includes providing students with writing and math counseling, electronic resources and workshops geared toward math and writing and mentoring. Services are offered at all levels of writing proficiency. Developmental math and the fundamentals of algebra and pre-calculus are the focus of math proficiency. Supplemental instruction from approved student tutors and additional faculty members in the field is available for advanced math courses.