shouling-he-phdSHOULING HE, PHD

Dr. Shouling He’s journey to a career in engineering was rich with culture, travel and unexpected opportunity. It began in 1978 when she was among the first group of students to attend college after the start of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

“At that time, we couldn’t choose what we wanted to study so we were assigned majors by the government,” Dr. He said. Her assigned major was airborne fire control systems, in which she learned how to build weapons systems for aircraft.

She remained in China until 1995 when she accepted a position as a visiting scholar in Germany. She eventually made her way to the United States, holding teaching positions at the University of North Dakota and Penn State Erie.

Eager to relocate to a larger city, in summer 2011 Dr. He found a place at Vaughn as an engineering professor.

“Mechatronic engineering was exactly what I wanted to teach,” she said. “Vaughn needed someone who knew mechanical, electronic and computer engineering.” She described her role as a mechatronic engineering professor as “exciting.”

In addition to her classroom experience, she has more than eight years of experience as an aerospace engineer.

Vaughn’s students have added to her enjoyment of the College. As she said: “The students like to learn and they work very hard. Their dedication shows because many of them must come from such a long way to attend school.”