Vaughn College’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) team project was selected as one of the finalists to participate in the 7th annual Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) student challenge competition at the University of Pennsylvania in May. Seven members of the Vaughn College UAV team, Muhammad Galib ’19, Chamathke Perera ’19, Sagufta Kapadia ’21, Syed Misbahuddin ’21, Peter Kalaitzidis ’21, Jairo Andrew Ramos ’21, and Kevin Gonzalez ’23 were all a part of the student challenge competition.

The team developed two drones to compete in both the manual and autonomous categories. Both drones were designed to perform vertical takeoff & landing (VTOL) with onboard flight-stabilization and camera. Among all of the participating teams, Vaughn’s UAV team was one of two teams able to complete the remotely-operated tasks within the ten-minute time limit and then invited to attend the award ceremony.

Vaughn’s UAV team received the 2nd place award for the remote control and autonomous categories and received the $1,750.

Award Ceremony: Vaughn’s UAV received 2nd place awards in both remote control and autonomous categories of 2019 Vertical Flight Society Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) Student Challenge Competition.