From June 26 through June 29, Vaughn’s engineering and technology students along with department faculty attended the ASEE annual conference and exposition in New Orleans, Louisiana. During the conference, the students presented their capstone projects and shared their research discoveries.

The first project presented and the second place winner of the ASEE Manufacturing Student Division was the “Design and Implementation of a Braille Clock” by Saneela Rabbini and Josiah D’Arrigo. This project was constructed in order to create a more efficient way for the blind to read time. The second project was “A Low Cost Automated Pill Dispenser for Home Use“ by Christopher Chariah, Nicholas Kumia, and Jonathan Zubarriain. This design was created in order to better serve elderly patients and reduces the chances of both overdoses and unnecessary healthcare expenses.

Rex Wong, assistant professor of engineering and technology also presented his research “A Guardian Robot that Patrols and Monitors Our Home”.  For his summer project, Dr. Wong has developed a robotic course by using LEGO Mindstorms NXT kits to build a prototype robot called Max2. Its function is to check your house lighting condition while the owners are away from home. It can be either autonomous or remotely controlled via bluetooth or wifi.