To further Vaughn’s development of new, cutting-edge engineering content, Dr. Bustamante along with his colleague Associate Professor Dr. Shouling He, a mechatronic engineering expert, recently drafted and submitted a National Science Foundation grant concentrating on electric vehicle engineering and repair. Bustamante is a recent fellow of Mentor-Connect, a highly regarded mentoring program that curates technical resources and instruction to help faculty prepare competitive proposals to submit to the National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education (NSF/ATE) program. The program focuses on the education of technicians for the high-technology fields that drive our nation’s economy. Professors He and Bustamante were recently accepted in the NSF-funded Mentor Connect program for 2021. Dr. Bustamante underwent this mentorship last year resulting in an NSF ATE grant submitted this past October. Dr. He was the co-principal investigator on that work but will be undergoing the new mentorship as principal investigator.