On Thursday, July 30, three faculty members and seven students participated in the LACCEI 2015 conference in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Five of Vaughn’s student team research papers were accepted for presentation and publication in the LACCEI 2015 international conference; three out of five submitted papers were accepted for the student paper competition and all five papers were accepted for the poster competition.

The Vaughn student paper “Smart Cross” by Wasif Iqbal ’15 and Kazi Ahmed ’15 won the first place award and gold medal of the student paper competition. The second place silver medal was awarded to Vaughn student Damian Gaona ’15 for his paper, “Improving the Cooling Process for Electronics Using Synthetic Jets.”  Vaughn students Nicholas Kumia ’18 and Christopher Chariah ’19 also presented their paper, “Analysis of Impulsive Natural Phenomena through Finite Difference Methods” during the session.

A total of 55 posters were presented during the poster session of the LACCEI poster competition including five of Vaughn’s student team posters. The research poster, “Smart Cross” by Wasif Iqbal ’15 and Kazi Ahmed ’15 won the second place award and silver medal of the student poster competition. Two additional Vaughn student research projects were also presented during the poster competition: “Tensile Machine User Interface,” by Zechariah Gajadhar ’15, Anjali Dhobale ’15 and Nicholas Cuneo ’15 and “Damping and Natural Frequency of Beams,” by Mohammed Ayoub, Sanghoon Han, Cannon Patel.