Vaughn engineering students continue to attend professional conferences to present their student papers and projects and learn about the industries they’ll enter upon graduation. Last month, the Society for Experimental Mechanics Conference and Exposition took place in Indianapolis, Indiana. Students Bobby Tang ’17, Daniel Khodos ’19, Oliver Khairallah ’20 and Richi Ramlal ’20 presented their paper “The Effect of the 3D Printing Process on the Mechanical Properties of Materials.” Specimens were studied under exposure to ultraviolet lights with any negative or positive effects being recorded. Quality of the resolution in the printed resin was measured, as well as the stress that it put on the printing process and how it affected ductility in the materials.

Vaughn College will also have a presence at the 15th annual Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions (LACCEI) hosted at Florida Atlantic University. Three student groups will present their poster projects. Students Andrew Aquino ’17, Bobby Tang ’17, Daniel Khodos ’19 and Utsav Shah ’19 and will present their project “Self-Designed Drone as a Platform for Engineering Education.” The focus is implementation of the universal functionalities of the allen key tool on different drone projects. Efficiency in the drones were measured, resulting in a theory of a simple one piece tool that can be used to provide a more reliable and time-efficient work experience.

Students Dimitri Papazoglou ’17, Betsy Sanchez Socualaya ’17 and Monica Vanterpool ’19 will present their project, the “Anti-Spill Cup.” The purpose of the anti-spill cup is to counter act unintended movements, maintaining the cup’s equilibrium while hand vibrations occur, thus decreasing the likeliness of the liquid being spilled. Excessive shaking due to illness or injury can make certain voluntary actions such as holding a cup full of liquid difficult to accomplish.

Students Gonzalo Forero ’17, William Mayorga ’17, and Dylan Neary ’17 will present their paper “The Jungle: An Aeroponic System for Individual Urban Agricultural Needs.” The purpose of the project is designing a plant incubator using 3D CAD for a scaled design, to drive the production of a full-scale prototype.

“Large amounts of research goes into these projects,” said Dr. Hossein Rahemi chair of the engineering and technology department. “Presenting at these conferences also gets these students face time with companies who attend, and ultimately could help them secure a position post graduation.”