A tradition that began in 1929 when Amelia Earhart and other pilots raced from California to Ohio, the all women’s air race began a movement that encourages and educates current and future women pilots in the United States.  Today, the women’s air race classic consists of pilots ranging from ages 17 to 90 with various backgrounds.  Each team will have four days to fly during daylight hours to each destination and land at the terminus.  The pilot teams must complete a route of about 2,400 miles and determine safe weather conditions including safe wind speeds.

See updates on Vaughn’s social media pages as Vaughn students continue the tradition by competing in the
all women’s cross-country air race beginning June 22.



Left to right: Margarita Cholakova ’15, recent aircraft operations graduate and flight instructor, and current student Wendy Bonilla ’17, aircraft operations.