On Tuesday, March 25 during spring break, the Vaughn College robotics club held a presentation at John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport Terminal 4 for JFK-International Air Terminal (IAT) staff members. Wasif Iqbal, a robotics team member and a Security Intern for JFK-IAT, was the impetus for the club’s presence. After speaking with his coworkers about the clubs activities, they were formally invited to present at the facility.

The club showed a video that covered the entire 2013-2014 season and showcased the build process, competitions the club attended and the fundraisers they held. The presentation ended with a live demonstration of a robot.

President of JFK International Air Terminal LLC Mr. Alain Maca was in attendance and at the end of the presentation, the Vice President of Security at JFK-IAT Stacey Lora informed the club that they would be receiving a $500 donation from the group.

The club’s members in attendance in addition to Iqbal were: Jefferson Maldonado, Terry Cetoute, Saneela Rabbani and Alex Uquillas along with Dr. Shouling He, the club’s faculty advisor.


JFK-ATI staff members look on as the robotics team provides a  demonstration.