Vaughn College Professor Dr. Maxine Lubner was a co-contributor on a paper published and entitled, “Divergent Attitudes Regarding the Benefits of Face Masks in Aviation Colleges and Universities” with the Collegiate Aviation Review International.

Airplane cockpit and classroom settings require several new modifications, restrictions and procedures to comply with public health measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Face masks reduce the spread of respiratory droplets and aerosols therefore remain a vital preventive measure against infections in collegiate aviation programs.

This area of research focused on opinions and practices regarding face masks to attenuate COVID 19’s spread remains polarized across the United States and whether these attitudes extend to the aviation collegiate community. To obtain results, a survey was sent to more than 90 aviation colleges and universities throughout the country to solicit responses from students, faculty and staff.

Studies showed that aviation colleges and universities located in states which had mask mandates had a higher likelihood of community compliance and lower rates of COVID-19 and an overall less negative outlook on the greater benefits of wearing a mask.

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