An educational research paper written by Dr. Shouling He, associate professor in the engineering and technology department and students Jefferson Maldonado ‘16, Alex Uquillas ‘17 and Terry Cetoute ‘16, will be presented at the 2014 IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference (ISEC) on Saturday, March 8.

The paper, “Teaching K-12 Students Robotics Programming in Collaboration with the Robotics Club,” reviewed how Vaughn College’s summer robotics course is integrated into the Upward Bound program, a supplemental academic program aimed at preparing high school students for college life. The robotics course, taught by Dr. He and the College’s Robotics Club members, Maldonado, Uquillas and Cetoute, aims to provide an enjoyable teaching and learning environment similar to a Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program so that high school students can learn robotics programming more efficiently.

The IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference will be held at Princeton University where Dr. He and the robotics club students will present the paper together.