Vaughn College announced it has partnered with JetBlue as part of the company’s University Gateway Program. Launched in 2007, the JetBlue University Gateway Program is currently the airline’s longest-running pathway program for aviation college students that attend Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI)-accredited institutions.

As a benefit of the program, Vaughn’s aircraft operations students can apply and interview for positions at JetBlue while completing their collegiate courses. Once accepted, students will follow a defined path to gain experience and build their flight time before joining JetBlue for as a first officer at the company upon program completion.

“Vaughn has a long and accomplished history in educating students in all aspects of aviation including flight training,” said Domenic Proscia, vice president of training at Vaughn College. “The need for well-trained pilots to fill the looming shortage is crucial and working with an aviation leader like JetBlue to prepare candidates for successful careers is an incredible opportunity for Vaughn students.”

Students who graduate from an AABI-accredited aeronautical university such as Vaughn College, have a minimum 3.0 grade point average in their major and serve as a certified flight instructor at the College for at least 500 hours, can apply to the University Gateway Program.

Upon graduation and completion of their commitment as flight instructors, program participants will fly at an approved partner airline as well as complete other specific Federal Aviation Administration and JetBlue requirements to become a JetBlue first officer.

“We are excited to welcome Vaughn to the JetBlue University Gateway Program. Our great college and university partnerships have been a key ingredient in making our program a success, and we know that Vaughn graduates will bring their excellent education background, strong flying skills and enthusiasm to the program as they build their flight time and experience. In turn, we look forward to engaging with them throughout their journey, and eventually welcoming them as JetBlue first officers,” expressed Nancy Hocking, Director Gateway College and Programs, JetBlue.

For more information visit: University Gateway — JetBlue Pilot Gateway Programs.