As the industries constantly evolve, so do the opportunities available to those who want to seek the skills needed to pursue their preferred professions. Working to increase opportunities for target populations to earn degrees in STEM, Vaughn College develops partnerships with employers to expose students to comprehensive internship programs and supports strategies that facilitate a student’s transition through upper division studies in high demand STEM fields and strengthen program equality for all students through robust outreach to high school and community colleges. As a result, the College was named in the top 15 “colleges whose graduates earn the most money” by Classic 96.7 FM. 

“Serving the need for workers in emerging tech fields, Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology boasts small student-to-teacher ratios and high employment rates for students post graduation. Focusing on engineering, aviation, and management, the school offers classes for high school students all the way up to graduate-level degrees,” highlights Alexander Raeburn of Classic 96.7 FM. “Utilizing multiple job connection programs, their career services help 83 percent of students find work in their field of study within a year of graduating.”