Thursday, September 24, marked the first installment of the engineering seminar series at Vaughn College. Featured speakers were Jefferson Maldonado ‘17 and Nicholas Kumia ‘18 who presented research on the advance gear of aircraft carrier recovery systems and developing 3D printing technology for elastomers. Both students attained a summer internship at the Naval Research Enterprise and the NYU-Poly research programs.

Maldonado, a mechatronic engineering major, worked on Advanced Arresting Gear that will supply Naval aircraft carriers with an electric motor based system for aircraft deceleration during recovery operations.  Kumia, also a mechatronic engineering major, created a project that aims to develop a technological platform for 3D printing of low modulus elastomers.

Lead by Dr. Hossein Rahemi, chair of the engineering and technology department, the students were able to gain new experiences that will have a lasting impact on their education.


Left to Right: Dr. Hossein Rahemi, engineering and technology chair, Nicholas Kumia ’18 and Jefferson Maldonado ’17.