On a sunny, remarkably spring-like day in January, Vaughn College hosted the first in a series of spring orientation sessions for new students.  The students were welcomed to campus and given an overview of what the College has to offer both academically and socially.

Representatives from academic support, career services, student affairs, resident life, alumni affairs and the athletics departments were all on hand to describe their roles on campus and encourage students to avail of their services.

“This is your College and we are here to listen to your ideas and respond to you when you need advice or help during your time here at Vaughn, and even after you graduate,” said Kamla Holland, assistant to the vice president, student affairs.

The presenters emphasized that while Vaughn has many commuter students, it retains a small college atmosphere where everyone knows each other and are encouraged to become involved in activities on, and off campus.  “When students commute, the tendency is  to leave right after classes finish and never find out what else is going on,” said Amanda Talty, assistant vice president of development and alumni affairs.  “We know from working with students over the years that your college experience will be greatly enhanced by participation in clubs and other activities that help you make lasting connections here at Vaughn.”

To this end, the students at orientation were encouraged to join others on campus and come out to support the Vaughn College men’s basketball team at the upcoming first annual Blackout Game on Wednesday, January 16.

sprcrowd    computerlab

Students listens to presentations and learn how to access Vaughn email in the computer lab.