Vaughn College’s second annual Hunger Banquet was held on Thursday December 8, led by the Leadership Academy and Dean of Students Jack Gormley. The banquet joins a global effort led by OxFam, an international group of nonprofit organizations working in 94 countries to fight poverty and promote social justice.

Part fundraiser and part educational program, the goal of the Hunger Banquet was to raise awareness about hunger-related issues around the world and right here in New York.

Student Daniella Tabares ’17 and James Garagno ’21 gave brief overviews of the program and the state of hunger in the world accompanied by Katherine Inamagua ’17, vice president of the student chapter of Vaughn’s Air Traffic Control Organization (VATCO).

Dennis Barton, vice chair board of directors from the Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing, was the guest speaker for this year’s banquet. He recounted to students his personal journey from homelessness to getting back on his feet again, and shared other impactful stories of those struggling with being homeless.

A raffle was held to determine where participants would sit and how much, or how little food they would receive. Those few who were lucky enough to have a full meal represented the 10 percent of the world who regularly have full meals. Those representing the middle class made up 25 percent of the population who have just enough to eat with little variety or choices, and the remaining 65 percent received rice and water only representing those who struggle on a daily basis to find food.

“The Hunger Banquet not only serves food for thought, it is very informative and makes you step outside of yourself and relate to others less fortunate than you,” said Jack Gormley. “This banquet was even more successful than last year with high attendance and participation from students, faculty and staff.”