Vaughn welcomed Joby Aviation to campus to showcase their revolutionary electrical vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) flight simulator to students, faculty, staff, alumni, politicians, airlines, The Port Authority and high school students in the tri-state area. Headquartered in California, Joby Aviation plans to deploy its eVTOL aircraft in New York City in 2025. Joby aircraft’s vision is to change the way people travel while reducing the acoustic climate footprint of flight.

Several Vaughn air traffic control (ATC) alumni returned to the College for a chance to fly in the eVTOL flight simulator and speak with members of Joby to discuss how its aircraft will operate in the highly congested airspace of New York City. Students from various middle schools and high schools including Aviation High School, St. Francis Preparatory School and Fordham Preparatory School toured the College and had a chance to fly in the simulator. 

“Industry connections are critical to the success of our students and those connections are also how Vaughn College can be top-of-mind for emerging industries like advanced air mobility,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Sharon DeVivo. “When Joby came to us asking for space to host their simulator, we jumped on the chance to be part this amazing new technology effort that will launch in New York City potentially by the end of 2025. Every aspect of a Vaughn education can play a role in this burgeoning industry, and hosting Joby’s simulator sent a strong signal that our graduates can support it.”

Vaughn looks forward to working with Joby to develop the workforce pipeline in the region.