In June, 15 Vaughn students and faculty participated in the IEEE entrepreneurship workshop organized by board of trustees members Surya Raghu and Ken Stauffer ’83. The theme of the three-day workshop was to create innovative solutions that can convert into business cases while addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The emphasis of this workshop was on innovative technical solutions and business models to ensure access to all potential market segments. Workshop participants networked and formed project teams to develop innovative ideas to meet market needs related to the SDGs and pitch their presentations. This workshop was especially helpful to students who plan on starting their own business in the future.  

Participants had the opportunity to visit the Newlabs space located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Newlabs brings entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors together to solve the world’s biggest challenges with leaders and experts across industries and cities. This inspired students once they saw first-hand the potential of what starting your own business could pay off to be with making creative ideas become reality.