On a warm Saturday morning, more than 200 prospective students and their families filled the William R. DeCota hangar for Vaughn College’s Fall Open House. The event allowed prospective students and their families to get a glimpse of what living and learning at Vaughn would be like. Students who attended the event heard about Vaughn’s futureproof degree programs in engineering, technology, management and aviation, life on campus and internship and employment opportunities. 

The day began with welcome remarks from Associate Vice President of Enrollment Celso Alvarez and Vice President of Student Affairs Kelli Smith. They noted the College’s various academic programs, opportunities for student engagement and Vaughn’s Futureproof Guarantee. “Vaughn is so confident in the value of the education we provide that if an eligible student is not employed full-time in their field of study, or continuing their education one year after graduating, the College will reimburse up to one year of federal, direct undergraduate student loan payments,” said Alvarez. More information about the Vaughn College Guarantee is available here: www.vaughn.edu/vaughns-guarantee 

Students and their families were shown a video highlighting successful Vaughn alumni, given in-depth presentations on the degree offerings per area of interest and met with faculty from the diverse academic and aviation training institute programs. The group toured the campus, residence hall and library in addition to visiting Vaughn’s flight and air traffic control simulator, engineering and maintenance labs.  

Representatives from student professional organizations, clubs and athletic teams were available to meet with attendees and discuss campus life from the current student’s perspective.  The event ended with prospective students and their families hearing from the admissions and financial aid representatives who were on hand to answer any remaining questions and assist with the application process.

Vaughn will host its next open house on Saturday, March 18. For more information, visit: https://www.vaughn.edu/open house/