Vaughn was featured in the College Possible newsletter per their near-peer coaching model, Catalyze. College Possible is a nonprofit AmeriCorps organization dedicated to making academic success possible for low-income students through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support. College Possible success coaches are recent graduates of four-year institutions who are knowledgeable and empowered to help students navigate through the complexities of college. Many are from similar backgrounds as the students they serve, and are dedicated to mentoring students and supporting their path to college graduation.

Near-peer coaches can relate to the perspectives and experiences of the students they mentor, creating a unique level of trust and accountability within the coaching relationship. For the 2019-20 academic year, Catalyze supported nearly 3,000 students nationwide. Vaughn students supported by Catalyze come from low-income backgrounds and are first-generation college students. End of year results from partner campuses show that Catalyze is making an impact for students across the country.

In the first-year of partnership with the coaching model, the College saw positive gains in the retention rates for students supported by a coach. Students were retained 7.8 percentage points above comparable students groups.