Results from the 2010 National Survey of Student Engagement show that Vaughn College students have an enthusiastic opinion of the school’s faculty and each other.

The annual survey assesses student thought in a host of areas, including opinion of faculty, campus diversity and relationships with administration, areas in which Vaughn scored highly.

First-year students and seniors were questioned. Results were compiled and compared against those from schools in the region and in the nation.

Among the findings:

  • · Vaughn freshmen had a more favorable opinion of their school’s faculty (86 percent) than students in the Mideast private college regional group (78 percent) or those in the national group (74%).
  • · Vaughn seniors were much more likely to have had a conversation with a student of another race (87 percent) than students from the Mideast group (56 percent) or the national group (54 percent).
  • · Vaughn freshmen were more likely (27 percent) to have tutored other students than students from either the regional or national groups (16 percent each) were; and Vaughn administration (69 percent) outpolled its regional (56 percent) and national counterparts (57 percent) on accessibility and relationships with seniors.

Other findings:

  • · Vaughn freshmen (40 percent) were almost twice as likely to have written a paper of at least 20 pages than the regional or national groups; and were more likely (40 percent) to have discussed ideas from class with faculty outside of class.
  • · Vaughn seniors were much more likely (69 percent) to have chatted with a faculty member or advisor about career plans than students from the regional and national groups; and said the school (64 percent) encourages contact among diverse peers.