Vaughn College faculty member participated in the National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored summer research program held at Texas A&M University (TAMU). Dr. Shouling He, associate professor in the engineering and technology department, took part in the program and worked on the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 module that enhances image processing and robotic vision under the Linux operating system.

TAMU is one of the largest universities in the United States with a range of research projects funded by sponsors NASA, National Institute of Health, NSF and the Office of Navy Research. This program aims to provide college professors and high school teachers an opportunity to gain research experiences in the areas of mechatronics, robotics and industrial automation.

Educators gain insight into a wide range of important topics such as proposal preparation, NSF’s merit review process and cross-disciplinary and special interest programs. The participants are expected to bring their research works into their classrooms and develop a lesson module to improve education in robotics and industrial automation.

“I was able to work with professors with doctorates from Stanford University, and UC Berkeley and gained exposure to top research that I have taken back with me to implement in my courses,” said Dr. He. “The engineering and technology field is ever changing and the faculty at Vaughn challenge ourselves to bring quality research to our classrooms.” Dr. He teaches engineering courses at Vaughn College with a specialty in mechatronic engineering with and eight years of experience in the aerospace industry as an engineer.