The Vaughn College Robotics Team competed among seven international teams in the VEX U Competition in Cancún, Mexico on Friday, November 23. The team used mechanical, electrical and programming skills to build this year’s robots for the “Turning Point” challenge.

Team VCAT finished the qualifying round with a total of eight wins out of nine matches and advanced to the playoff round. In their quarterfinal match the team won against Universidad Politécnica de Tapachula and also eliminated Universidad Politécnica de Quintana Roo during the semifinal match.

After hard work advancing to the finals, Vaughn’s team lost to Universidad Tecnológica del Centro de Veracruz (VCAT—13, UTCV2—15) in a close match. The team finished second place overall in the competition and earned first place for the robotics skills champion category and are currently first in the world in the skills category.

Faculty adviser Dr. Hossein Rahemi, chair of engineering and technology and Khalid Mouaouya, associate professor traveled with the team for the event and applauded the skills that the team exhibited in their matches.