Vaughn College student research findings were included in the “Mechanics of Additive and Advanced Manufacturing, Volume 9” proceedings of the 2017 Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM) Annual Conference and Exposition. Alumnus Bobby Tang ’17 and current students Daniel Khodos ’19, Oliver Khairallah ’20 and Richi Ramlal ’20 presented their research at the SEM conference and exposition in Indianapolis, Indiana in June 2017. Their capstone research focused on “The Effect of the 3D Printing Process on the Mechanical Properties of Materials.”

This scientific journal brings together contributions from the conference in all of these areas of research and engineering, and features 17 research projects. The conference collection presents early findings and case studies including design optimization, computations, and mechanic aspects of advanced manufacturing.

“A large amount of research goes into these projects and these students are honored to have been selected,” said Dr. Hossein Rahemi, chair of Vaughn’s engineering and technology department. “Presenting at these conferences gets these students face time with companies who attend, and that ultimately helps them in their search for career placement.”

Vaughn student’s research consisted of tensile tests that were conducted using ASTM International’s D3039 testing standard for different specimens produced. Students have tested different methods of three-dimensional printing with the different materials. The consumer grade printer was used to print specimens using black resin and was divided into two sets, one that includes specimens cured under ultraviolet lighting while the other contained those that were not cured after printing.